We are a marketing agency which collaborates with manufacturers to reach their growth goals. Each year we work with our clients to help them celebrate Manufacturing Month in any number of ways to grow their industry reach, and social media engagement. In 2023, we committed as an agency to pursue our passion in promoting manufacturing careers in a meaningful way during October, Manufacturing Month. Our concept was straightforward: celebrate young adults, who graduated from high school within the last 5 years, work on the shop floor and bring their unique perspective on manufacturing careers into the workforce conversation.

We believe in taking an iterative approach to new projects, and therefore we kept the Manufacturing Mavericks initiative relatively tight in terms of the nomination invitations, and the process overall. In the first year of Manufacturing Mavericks, we received about 20 nominations and so we posted a new Maverick each work day in the month of October. The rest is history, in terms of the far reaching traction the initiative is receiving from other areas of the midwest, across the country, and now even globally.

To say we are delighted with the industry reaction, engagement, and support of Manufacturing Mavericks would be an understatement.


And so the next phase of Manufacturing Mavericks is underway. Now an all year-long celebration, we've expanded the nomination criteria to include inspiring manufacturing career stories regardless of age.

The month of October will remain focused on the younger generation as our vision is to make a central point of information for students (middle school/high school), and their parents. Our website shows what a career in manufacturing looks like, where to find additional information about the companies who provide incredible apprenticeships/internships, community college manufacturing programs, and the organizations which exist to help bring new manufacturing curriculum opportunities to school districts.