Alex K.


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“It is incredibly rewarding and interesting to see pieces come to life from start to finish. I enjoy being able to produce CADs of each part and then seeing the finished product. I also really enjoy the people in this industry and have learned so much from my colleagues. My career gives me my purpose.

I started off in the shop as a high school student learning how to machine. I ran many machines in the shop before moving to engineering and seeing a different side of the process. It is something I truly enjoy and my life is 100% for the better because of the decision to go into manufacturing.”

  • McHenry High School
HM Manufacturing, Inc. is a power transmission components facility, delivering custom precision timing belt pulleys, gears, splines, sheaves and shafts. The team at HM is driven by innovation and their commitment to addressing workforce challenges in the manufacturing industry. Through their extremely engaging social media presence, HM brings the benefits of a career in manufacturing directly to their target audience: high school students. Building on their online success, HM offers year-round internships, providing hands-on training to students interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing.