Cassandra T.

CNC Machinist Apprentice

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“Growing up, I liked to take things apart and explore how things work. Because of this, I knew that I wanted to pursue a hands-on college experience that would also lead to a successful career path. Having been inspired by my dad’s manufacturing background and emboldened by my natural desire to be a maker, it was a natural choice for me.

My manufacturing career has made a difference in my life by giving me the experience that I desired while also affording me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. In particular, working with Crafts Technology and Hyperion Materials & Technology has taught me to express my inner creative person by providing me with an opportunity in machining to “reduce to practice” what is in someone’s mind or on a concept drawing. If you are a maker at heart, a rewarding manufacturing career is a lifeline to you as you develop and grow. Additionally, my manufacturing career started at Harper College and I have them to thank for helping me to build out my core skill set so that I could enter the workplace with the level of skills, productivity and confidence that employers seek in candidates.”

  • Cambridge Lakes Charter School
  • Harper College Apprenticeship Program
  • Concordia University Business Management
Crafts Technology I A Hyperion Materials & Technologies Company collaborates with customers to improve their productivity - and optimize total cost of ownership. Through Crafts' strong synergies between their manufacturing, engineering, and materials science sectors within the company, they create systems and components which significantly enhance the overall performance and productivity of industrial equipment. Cassandra, part of Craft's robust Apprenticeship Program, will be featured in early 2024 as part of Amazon Prime's "College Tour" series.