Ethan E.

Laser Welding Builder & Operator

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“I chose a career in manufacturing because it offers me the chance to be hands-on in the creation process, from designing to the actual production of products. There is a blend of creativity and precision that allows me to be involved in designing and ensuring quality. It’s a field that is continuously evolving with technological advancements and provides opportunities for growth and learning, making an exciting career for me.

My manufacturing career has made a difference in my life by providing a foundation for personal and professional growth. It has ingrained in me a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and problem solving skills that extend into personal growth. Witnessing the result of my work and contributing to the creation of products has been incredibly gratifying. I am thankful of the opportunity to be part of something larger than myself.”

  • Faith Christian School
  • McHenry County College
Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales provides complete mold finishing and maintenance, in addition to their expansive laser welding and engraving machine sales solutions. Alliance offers multiple internships simultaneously, and as a result, their workforce has substantial career growth opportunities — Ethan is one of several Alliance Mavericks we have been spotlighting this month!