Matthew H.

Laser Welder

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“I always hated school and I never wanted to go back after high school. It was not that I hated learning. I always enjoyed working on things “hands-on,” and trades peaked my interest. When I found out that Tony did welding at his shop, I wanted to work there.

I enjoy what I do. I don’t dread going to my job since working here. I can’t say much on welding itself. I am still new to it and learning, but I enjoy it. As for working with Alliance, it has been a blessing to work with the people that I do. It’s been a blessing having Tony and Doug as not just bosses, but leaders. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to work here and learn what I have, and the skills that I’ve gained.”

  • Home Schooled
Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales provides complete mold finishing and maintenance, in addition to their expansive laser welding and engraving machine sales solutions. Alliance offers multiple internships simultaneously, and as a result, their workforce has substantial career growth opportunities — Matthew is one of several Alliance Mavericks we will be spotlighting this month!