Nimai R.

Journeyman Tool and Die Maker

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“I have chosen a career in manufacturing for a few reasons. I started working in 2020 during the pandemic because I lost my job in the restaurant industry. I was worried about the volatile nature of the service industry. I took shop classes all through high school and I was familiar with manufacturing. So, I took the opportunity in 2020 to switch my career path and enroll in trade school.

My career in manufacturing has made a difference in my life by providing a stable working environment. Having a set schedule where I work the same days and the same hours every day was a huge relief from the hectic scheduling that is a part of working in a restaurant. It has also made a difference because there are more opportunities for growth and development. There is always something to learn and there is always room to grow in my manufacturing job.”

  • Evanston High School
  • TMA Tool and Die Apprenticeship
Ward Manufacturing Company is a contract manufacturer which specializes in progressive and compound stampings. Leading the way in workforce growth initiatives, Ward Manufacturing provides an incredible internship program, regardless of age or skill level, where your training environment is focused on your success -- including in-person certification classes and hands-on training. Nimai's career path led him to receive his Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) Tool and Die Apprenticeship certification and is an integral member of the Ward Manufacturing team.