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  • CNC Machinist Apprentice

    Crafts Technology logo
    "Growing up, I liked to take things apart and explore how things work. Because of this, I knew that I wanted to pursue a hands-on college experience that would also lead to a successful career path. Having been inspired by my dad's manufacturing background and emboldened by my natural desire to be a maker, it was a natural choice for me.
    My manufacturing career has made a difference in my life by giving me the experience that I desired while also affording me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. In particular, working with Crafts Technology and Hyperion Materials & Technology has taught me to express my inner creative person by providing me with an opportunity in machining to "reduce to practice" what is in someone's mind or on a concept drawing. If you are a maker at heart, a rewarding manufacturing career is a lifeline to you as you develop and grow. Additionally, my manufacturing career started at Harper College and I have them to thank for helping me to build out my core skill set so that I could enter the workplace with the level of skills, productivity and confidence that employers seek in candidates."
    • Cambridge Lakes Charter School
    • Harper College Apprenticeship Program
    • Concordia University Business Management
    Crafts Technology I A Hyperion Materials & Technologies Company collaborates with customers to improve their productivity - and optimize total cost of ownership. Through Crafts' strong synergies between their manufacturing, engineering, and materials science sectors within the company, they create systems and components which significantly enhance the overall performance and productivity of industrial equipment. Cassandra, part of Craft's robust Apprenticeship Program, will be featured in early 2024 as part of Amazon Prime's "College Tour" series.

  • Calibration Technician

    Assurance Technologies, Inc. Logo
    "As someone who appreciates the importance of precision and accuracy, I was drawn to a career in calibration. Calibration plays a vital role in quality control, ensuring that equipment yields accurate results. I think it's fun how calibration exposes me to new technology and helps me learn how other industries use the gages that we calibrate.

    Most importantly, I get to contribute to the integrity and reliability of various industries.

    Manufacturing has made a difference in my life knowing that my work directly impacts the accuracy and safety of manufactured products in various industries such as military, automotive, medical, and aerospace."

    • South Elgin High School
    Assurance Technologies provides calibration services, repair services, dimensional inspection services and testing services within the Quality Industry. ATI's Service and Calibration Lab teams follow a strict training regimen with a documented continuous education program — ensuring they possess the most current knowledge of metrology equipment and the newest technologies in the industry. Erik, part of this team at ATI, began as an intern, an opportunity ATI offers through their hands-on internship program.

  • CNC Lead Operator

    JH Botts Logo
    "It is incredibly rewarding and interesting to see pieces come to life from start to finish. I enjoy being able to produce CADs of each part and then seeing the finished product. I also really enjoy the people in this industry and have learned so much from my colleagues. My career gives me my purpose.

    The fabrication bay was next, and I was assigned to our CNC pipe cutter, which was hard at first, but got easier within a week. Now I am learning a little bit of sales, programing CNC machines, maintenance, as well as going through additional schooling at Joliet Junior College.

    I also get to work with so many people who are always welcoming and happy to be at work. That alone can really change the overall environment into one that just makes everything so much better. J.H. Botts is not just a job; it is a place of growth and people who are always going to help you out.

    I have chosen a career in manufacturing because it was a path in which I felt I had the best potential to grow and achieve what I could not anywhere else. Having taken many classes in high school for various different potential jobs, I found I did the best in the manufacturing classes I took. I did great in my woodworking and small engines classes, so I decided that I would try out the welding class at the vocational school that my high school was partnered with. My welding class at Grundy Area Vocational Center was a rough start, I was the worst welder by far and I did not think I would be any good at it. However, I kept trying and I eventually started looking like the better kids in my class. I even made it to the welding state competition in 2022 and earned second place. That was when I knew that manufacturing, especially in the welding field was the route that I had the highest potential to grow and excel in."

    • Minooka Community High School, and Grundy Area Vocational Center
    • Joliet Junior College
    J.H. Botts, LLC specializes in manufacturing anchor bolts and rods from a range of raw materials. In addition to threaded products, they also manufacture a number of structural steel products, including helix foundations, anchor bolt cages and concrete flared end section grates. Botts produces these products within the precise tolerances prescribed by the A.N.S.I. while ensuring on-time delivery -- thanks to the dedication of the "Botts Family." Both literally (several families currently have a number of family members working at their Joliet facility), and figuratively, Botts welcomes new team members with a highly successful on-boarding process, like the one Jonathan describes in his profile.

  • Welder

    Ace Metal Crafts Company Logo
    "Manufacturing is appealing to me because it is a real-world application for artistic and creative individuals."
    • Forest Hills Northern High School
    Ace Metal Crafts Company provides fabrication, machining and value engineering solutions by consciously combining deep customer understanding, process improvements, technology excellence and an unwavering commitment to their entire team. At ACE, their trust-based culture embodies everything they do — including their Own Your Own Development program, where team members actively work on their career goals. Zachary is currently working toward his goal of becoming an engineer.

  • Engineer/CAD

    HM Manufacturing logo
    "It is incredibly rewarding and interesting to see pieces come to life from start to finish. I enjoy being able to produce CADs of each part and then seeing the finished product. I also really enjoy the people in this industry and have learned so much from my colleagues. My career gives me my purpose.
    "I started off in the shop as a high school student learning how to machine. I ran many machines in the shop before moving to engineering and seeing a different side of the process. It is something I truly enjoy and my life is 100% for the better because of the decision to go into manufacturing."
    • McHenry High School
    HM Manufacturing, Inc. is a power transmission components facility, delivering custom precision timing belt pulleys, gears, splines, sheaves and shafts. The team at HM is driven by innovation and their commitment to addressing workforce challenges in the manufacturing industry. Through their extremely engaging social media presence, HM brings the benefits of a career in manufacturing directly to their target audience: high school students. Building on their online success, HM offers year-round internships, providing hands-on training to students interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing.

  • Journeyman Tool and Die Maker

    Ward Manufacturing Logo
    "I have chosen a career in manufacturing for a few reasons. I started working in 2020 during the pandemic because I lost my job in the restaurant industry. I was worried about the volatile nature of the service industry. I took shop classes all through high school and I was familiar with manufacturing.

    So, I took the opportunity in 2020 to switch my career path and enroll in trade school.

    My career in manufacturing has made a difference in my life by providing a stable working environment. Having a set schedule where I work the same days and the same hours every day was a huge relief from the hectic scheduling that is a part of working in a restaurant. It has also made a difference because there are more opportunities for growth and development. There is always something to learn and there is always room to grow in my manufacturing job."

    • Evanston High School
    • TMA Tool and Die Apprenticeship
    Ward Manufacturing Company is a contract manufacturer which specializes in progressive and compound stampings. Leading the way in workforce growth initiatives, Ward Manufacturing provides an incredible internship program, regardless of age or skill level, where your training environment is focused on your success -- including in-person certification classes and hands-on training. Nimai's career path led him to receive his Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) Tool and Die Apprenticeship certification and is an integral member of the Ward Manufacturing team.

  • TIG Welder

    Premier Manufacturing Corporation Logo
    "My career choice was easy. I could pay a crazy amount of money to go to college OR work and make money today! I have always liked to work with my hands and make things. I took wood shop in high school and my experience with CNC machines helped me learn how to program the Fiber Optic Laser with Sigma Nest software.
    I prefer welding and I have accomplished a lot since I joined the company over a year ago. Working is always full of surprises and different challenges."
    • Lake Park High School
    • College of Dupage-Welding
    Premier Manufacturing Corporation is a fully integrated, precision sheet metal fabricator, offering custom solutions to clients in a broad range of industries. Thanks to an introduction from College of DuPage, Premier Manufacturing met Matthew as he was completing his welding certification in COD's Project Hire-Ed program, and offered him an internship. Matthew's passion and problem-solving welding abilities were a fantastic fit with Premier Manufacturing's unique welding expertise. Matthew completed his internship and is now a key member of the Premier Manufacturing welding team.

  • QC Lead

    BTM Industries logo
    "I have chosen a career in manufacturing because I am passionate about it's dynamic nature and vital role in our country. I appreciate the continuous learning opportunities in this industry as it constantly changes, and this passion drives me to thrive on the challenges and opportunities it presents. 

    I am excited to contribute my skills and expertise to the manufacturing industry, and playing an important role in shaping the future of manufacturing!

    My manufacturing career has given me a strong sense of identity and purpose, connecting me to the legacy of my family's business. It's a constant reminder of the hard work, dedication, and values that have been passed down through the generations. It has instilled in me a passion for manufacturing, innovation, and continuous improvement, which I believe have shaped my life in remarkable ways."

    • Faith Christian School
    • Rock Valley College
    BTM Industries Inc is an innovative, short run job shop, providing machining and metal working services for over 60 years. Their problem-solving company focus means they find the solutions others say can't be done. BTM Industries Inc provides internships throughout the summer months and coordinates with other area manufacturers to offer facility tours for local high school students. Reagan has been enrolled at Rock Valley College, taking a diverse course load which supports her manufacturing career goals.

  • Control Panel Builder

    "I like to work with my hands and I didn't want to be sitting behind a desk all day so a career in manufacturing is providing me opportunities to learn and grow my skills in the industry. College of DuPage is giving me the education which supports my work at Simplex. 
    Through Project Hire-Ed, I rotated through many roles at Simplex and now, as a wireman my work has really expanded. I know this is a great opportunity for me to learn and work in my chosen career of manufacturing."
    • York Community High School
    • College of DuPage
    Simplex System Controls provides internships for qualified high school students, and offered David, an intern, the opportunity to join the team upon his graduation from York H.S. in Elmhurst. Now working at Simplex System Controls and enrolled in Project Hire-Ed at College of DuPage, David balances his work schedule with his course load, while continuing to build his skillset.